Sunset Waves

Rocking me to sleep
They woke me again.
It was give and take
And give and take
And surprise surprise-
Here comes a wave!
All joy and happiness
Until the sun drowns.

Until the sun drowns
The waters call out,
Lovingly they plead for me
Like they would die for me.
Every embrace, every touch
They try to convince me,
But I’m far too drunk
And in love, to concede.

And in love, to concede,
They show me their impurities.
The sand and gravel underneath
All their sparkling transparencies.
I wash my old, confused face
And they soon drift far away.
My eyes cry out, asking the ocean-
“Leave me now; it’s already seven!”

“Leave me now; it’s already seven!!”
They echo back, scared of the dark.
I know their misery of night:
The stars never reach back in time,
The moon is just a pretty illusion-
It fades away and leaves again.
Penance in the dark waters,
The fish squeal and hide.

The fish squeal and hide,
I wish I could calm them.
But I just walk away, then.
It’s too late and too powerful-
The punishment of the sunset waves.
But, if I could do anything
I would sit there all night
Returning every embrace.

This is a poem come out of my experience of the beaches in Goa. It was a wonderful, four day trip and I’m so glad it moved me enough to write poetry after such a long time. Credits to my resourceful friends(when do I ever carry paper and pen?), the beautiful weather in my college (when I was writing this) and the girl on my mind all the time. I’m so happy to be back here. I’ll return with a wonderful piece soon!


Touch, and leave a mark…please?

You live life in the breeze going by in July but I do not.

My breeze is crossing my boundaries and walking with you in the rain.

Looking at your intricate design of ‘difference’,

Smelling your carefree

And giving an audience to your being.

For a second there I am lost-

Smiling with you and talking to you

While trying to figure out how you function so smoothly,

Lost in the moment

Taking in the sunshine,

Sharing parts of yourself to this world

That you never had time to tell anyone.

You intrigue me.

Gasp for air like we all do

Give me proof of your mortality

Touch, and leave a mark

Don’t disappear like that.

But even as I say this,

You are just a passing sight I cannot realise.

I thought school trained me for life;

Why didn’t anyone warn me about the dangers of affection before?