About Me

Hi! My name is Charuvi Lokare. I am 18 years old and someone who truly believes that literature is beautiful. I started this blog on the 14th of March,2015.

Growing up, I fell in love with reading books and then just fell deeper into the abyss of written expressions. Little collections of ink and paper taught me perspective and I finally tied the knot one day, when I started CreativityInked.

In my vision, CreativityInked is an ode to the books that have made me who I am, today. In some amazing way, words have taught me so much that is now latent-showing itself when the opportunity ripens and the years add up. Through this blog, I am proud to show the world my creativity, and always as boldly and beautifully as the permanency of Ink on paper.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Charuvi! This is a great initiative. I believe you’re a person who has a lot of emotions and this is an excellent way of expressing them because if you don’t get them out the right way then, all those emotions just leave you really overwhelmed. Good job!
    Suggestion: Remove your age from “About Me” as otherwise you’ll have to change it every year and you may just forget!

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    1. Thanks Akanksha 🙂 A lot of times what i write is a reflection of what other people are going through…not all my works are my experiences… and thanks for the suggestion!


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